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  • Rewind - September 2014

    Rewind - September 2014

    This is a promotional poster for a new "80s & 90s" themed night at Melbourne based nightclub Love Machine.
    Will be using a different theme from the 80s and 90s each month, this month was Back To The Future!

  • Love Republic Flyer 03.08.14

    Love Republic Flyer 03.08.14

    This is a flyer for a Melbourne nightclub called Love Machine.
    This design will be manipulated each week for their Saturday night events.

  • A Night In Heaven

    A Night In Heaven

    Another piece for Melbourne nightclub Love Machine.
    A Heaven themed night.

  • BPFC anniversary

    BPFC anniversary

    This is a promotional poster designed for the Brandon Park Football Club who were running an event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their members pavilion.

  • Sheets


    The movie "Sheets" is a film by Sarah Berry Films (who i designed a logo for).
    This movie won several awards at the 2013 JMC awards night in Melbourne.

  • Sarah Berry Films

    Sarah Berry Films

    A logo put together for a Melbourne based independent film maker.

  • Mirror Image Boutique

    Mirror Image Boutique

    A logo I designed for an online clothing boutique.

  • AKC Cleaning Services

    AKC Cleaning Services

    A logo designed for a Melbourne based cleaning company.

  • Devos Fitness

    Devos Fitness

    A logo designed for a Melbourne based personal trainer.

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